About Mayor World School


Education is about a great future.....and a rich history too.

The origin of Mayo College, one of the oldest public schools in the country, dates back to 1869. Mayo was designed to make British gentlemen out of Indian princes and retains the ‘quality of education’ it has always been admired for. 

The collaboration with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer has provided a strong foundation and an unrivaled backing to Mayor World School.

Mayor World School is committed to adopting the best practices of Mayo College.

“Mayor World School has completed its twelfth successful year. Mayo College General Council, Ajmer took this collaborative initiative as a service to society with a firm confidence in Mayor Foundation, that they shall do us proud. Today, we announce with pride that Mayor World School is indeed an innovative School with emphasis on modern methods for the teaching-learning transaction. It stresses on internationalism needed to produce global citizens. We reiterate our support to Mayor World School” Principal, Mayo College, G.C. Ajmer.

Parents of Mayor World School students can definitely benefit from the close collaboration that exists between the Management and Faculty of Mayo College and Mayor World School.




While the School prepares students for life, it also aims at grooming children, to equip them with values and principles and help promote virtues of fortitude, temperance and justice. Mayor World School provides a cosmos that is culturally rich, intellectually stimulating and as caring as it is challenging. The Mayor World class room encourages students to develop a spirit of enquiry, to search and learn through their own initiatives. A committed faculty closely guides the children at all times.

In the Sports field, students are taught to raise the bar of decency. No shortcuts to success and no rewards for cheating. In defeat there is an important lesson to be learnt and it is important to display grace in victory.

Students learn to accept responsibility from an early age - they are prefects, monitors, in charge of display boards and newsletters, preparation of Assembly and much more. They perform their roles as leaders without seeking favours and easy popularity.


To provide for children a school where education is child-centered, ethical and robust, an environment which is stimulating, friendly and cultivates a passion for learning and fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity to develop, sustain and maintain academic excellence; cares for and accepts diversity and where children will recognize and achieve their fullest potential in a liberal landscape of learning.


  • In keeping with our motto of “INSPIRING EXCELLENCE” we urge our students to seek originality and break mediocrity. We also understand that our children must aspire to be culturally rooted yet internationally aware. Our curriculum reflects this aim.
  • True Education inculcates in children, a sense of responsibility and consideration for others. We  teach our students to learn to enjoy doing the right thing.
  • Inculcating a respect for work and human dignity is another objective we strive for. Children are  taught the value of work ethics and community service.
  • Our aim is to bring out the best in every student. We trace and follow their academic progress in an enriched environment and enable them to develop their talents. We believe that it is important to teach a child but it is even more important to make him want to learn.