Activities Details


In keeping with our belief that education must be student centric, mayor world

School offers MENTAL ARITHMETIC Programme which is designed to sharpen a

Child’s mental powers as well as develop concentration, observation and creativity.



A well trained and experienced full-time School counsellor is there to guide the

students and to help them cope with personal, inter-personal, social and

psychological problems, enabling them to adjust and adapt to their life situations.



Children diagnosed ( by CBSE certified and approved counsellor) with problems in

Memorizing and mastering their subjects matter, are provided help at the learning




Mayorites have the facility of learning classical (kathak) and music (both

Instrumental and vocal) under the aegis of Allahabad University.

Classes are held every Wednesday and working Saturday, after regular School.



The School offers a multitude of sports activities aimed at the holistic development

Of the child. Children are given an option to choose Sports and Activities. Some of

The sports activities offered by the school are Soccer, Baseball, volleyball, throw

 Ball, tennis, table tennis , golf, skating, karate, gymnastics, taekwondo, chess and


The School has secured services of various coaches adept in their specialized area of

Activity. Students are awarded grades on the basis of their performance.