Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy
At Mayor World School we believe in inculcating discipline in students in a positive manner so that  the students become self disciplined over a period of time. The school has formulated a set of discipline guidelines that each pupil must follow.
 1. Students must come to school in time. The school gates will be closed at 7:50 a.m. No student grade-I upwards will be allowed in after this time.
 2. The students are expected to wear the correct uniform as specified under dress code. Uniform defaulters and late comers more than twice, without the requisite permission applications from parents, will have to pay the fine and shall be sent back home after the parents have been informed about the same by telephone.
 3. The school views destruction of school property very seriously and strict action (at the discretion of the Principal) shall be taken against the student committing violent acts against school property.
 4. Use of foul language and physically assaulting fellow students is strictly forbidden and any student caught committing such an act shall be dealt with very firmly by the school authorities. 
5. Students are expected to complete the Home-work assigned to them in time. Homework defaulters for a consecutive two times will be given detention in school, during which the student will be expected to stay back in school and complete the work. Parents will be informed about the day and date of detention  a day in advance. Students completing their homework after the detention has been given to them will not be exempted from the detention already assigned. They will be expected to stay back in school as scheduled and complete the work assigned for that day. Parents will have to pick the detained child.