1. How is Mayor World different from the other Schools?
·    We are not just another school teaching what is in the course. Neither do we forget our children after school hours. We treat our students as our ambassadors and would like them to be sensitive and pleasant at ALL times. Unlike other schools, we take upon ourselves, the onus of teaching manners and grooming the personality of our children. We offer our children world class infrastructure. We have a centrally air-conditioned Wi-Fi campus. We have modernized computer labs are fully committed to digital learning. The school has internet as well as intranet for children and teachers. Our Library is equipped with the latest books and all national and international periodicals for children. No stone is left unturned to ensure that Mayor World School is truly world-class.
·     Mayor World School does not only believe in solid studies but also the overall development of  the child
·   Personalized attention is due to small numbers in class.  Each section has only 22-24 students instead of 40-50.
·     Mayor World School is in collaboration with Mayo College, Ajmer
·    The teaching-learning process is based on understanding of concepts.
·   Our teachers are facilitators, who are trained to motivate and inspire the 21st century learners in their charge.
  1. Which classes do you cater to?
Mayor World offers K-12 education i.e. Pre-nursery to Grade XII. At minimal cost, a crèche facility is also offered.
  1. Which Board do you offer?
We have the CBSE board for all classes. Our Affiliation Number is 1630444. Our Pre-primary wing, the Mayor Galaxy, combines the best of pedagogies and incorporates a holistic approach.
  1. What is the Admission procedure?
· Registration for all classes starts in the month of November every year.
· The Prospectus and Registration Form are available in the School Office between 09:00 a.m.
   & 4:00 p.m. daily.
· Prospectus and Registration Fee Rs. 2000/-
· Registration does not imply admission
· The VCP/Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to a child
· Registration Fee is non-refundable
Documents required:
1.Transfer Certificate from the last school attended
2. Detailed mark sheet
3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
4. Proof of residence
Procedure for Pre-primary Classes - Pre-nursery, Nursery, KG-I and KG-II
Age Eligibility (as on 1st April):-
· Pre-nursery – Two years plus
· Nursery – Two and a half to three and a half years
· KG-I - Three and a half years to four and a half years
· KG-II - Four and a half years to five and a half years
Please note:-
1. Registered parents will be duly notified for interaction with the Principal.
Procedure for Grades I to VIII:-
          Registered candidates will be provided with the syllabus for the written Entrance Evaluation and           the date for the same will be duly notified.
          Grades I & II - English, Hindi, Maths
          Grades III – English, Maths, Environmental Science
          Grades IV to VIII – English, Maths, Science
1. Once the Entrance Evaluation is cleared and Admission is granted, the parent will be required to complete all formalities related to fees, within one week.
2. Admission depends on availability of seats. 
 Admissions to Grades IX - XII– As per CBSE guidelines.
  1. How old is the School?
· Mayor World was launched in July, 2005. We have completed 10 years of our exciting
  1. Who forms the Board of Governors?
·  The Board of Governors comprises of extremely imminent personalities.
Mr. Rajesh Mayor (Chairman)
Mrs. Neerza Mayor (Vice Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer)
Mr. J.S. Hundal (Principal)
Sri. R.D Singh (Sr. Vice Chairman, Mayo College General Council, Ajmer)
Sri. Devendra Singh , IPS (Retd., Member)
Justice Kamaljit Singh Garewal (Retd., Member)
Mr. N. K Bedhotiya (Secretary Collaboration Committee)
  1.  Which co-curricular activities do you offer?
·   We offer to our children a wide range of activities which they can take up as per their personal interest and aptitude. Some of these are Painting, Art and Craft, Flower Making, Fireless Cooking, Yoga, Calligraphy, Baking, Gift Wrapping, Origami, Quilling, Performing Arts, Best out of Waste and Photography. We also offer Dance (Visharad) courses by Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. It provides a very good platform to young singers and dancers. Chess, Dramatics, Public Speaking, Debating, Music – Instrumental and Vocal, Model United Nations, Environment Awareness, Life Skills etc. are other co-curricular activities that are offered across all classes. Our School is also accredited to the International School Awards (British Council) and has a dynamic forum for Model United Nations (MUN).
  1. What Sports disciplines do you offer?
· Our children have a wide range of sports to choose from.  These include – golf, skating, yoga, martial arts, volleyball, basketball, football, cricket, hockey, table tennis, throw ball, soccer, cross country, athletics.
  1. How have been your CBSE results for the last year?
·  Excellent! The highest percentage was 95% (Grade XII Session 2014-15) and 10 CGPA (Grade X Session 2014-15) .We had 100% pass percentage.
  1. What is your teaching methodology and how is it different from other schools?
· Our learning is based on understanding and not on rote. Audio-visual aids are used extensively to support the textbook lessons and make the learning impressionable. We do not solely depend on the chalk and talk method. Learning is made more practical by introducing projects and research work as and when required. Our low student teacher ratio ensures every student gets personal attention and is able to excel. Our teaching methodologies and infrastructure are the best in this field.
·  Use of dust free white boards instead of black boards.
·  Use of Smart Boards to explain important concepts.
·  Use of Audio-visual methods including power point and graphic presentations.
·  We promote seminars and brainstorming to bring out creativity.
  1. What is your connection with Mayo College General Council, Ajmer?
· Our collaboration with Mayo College gives us a strong foundation and an unrivalled backing. A group of children from our School visit Mayo College once or twice a year and participate in joint activities with their counterparts. We are committed to adopting the best practices of Mayo College.
·  Mayo College is a more than a 146 years old Institution and is known as ‘The ETON of the East’.
·  Our collaboration with them is since 2005.
·  We receive academic support, course material and teaching techniques.
·  We are active participants in Teacher and Student exchange programs.
  1. Do you offer any foreign languages?
·  Yes, we have French.
  1. What does the School undertake for the Health and Hygiene of its students?
· Infirmary- There is an in house Infirmary which does regular health checkups for all our children. It also provides the child first aid in case of an injury. There are regular health checkups for the staff also. We have trained staff in the Infirmary and a ready panel of doctors for quick referrals. We also have ambulance facility.
· Water- Impure or contaminated water is the root cause of many problems. Our children drink water purified through RO (Reverse Osmosis) system instead of normal filters. Periodic checks are conducted.
· Climate control- Our campus is fully climate controlled with no air or noise pollution. Instead of normal window AC’s, we have chiller plants which allow 7 air passes per hour. This means that the air is circulated 7 times per hour in each class room by way of induction of fresh air through the system.
· Flooring – The School has dust free wooden flooring for juniors and ceramic floors for seniors.
· Food hygiene – We serve dietitian designed, balanced vegetarian ‘good-mood-food’. Regular medical checkups are conducted for the Staff especially in the F&B (Food and Beverages) department.
· Support Staff - Well-groomed female attendants have been employed to look after the cleanliness of the Main School Building.
·  The teachers also ensure that the habit of cleanliness and personal hygiene is inculcated in our children.
·  The toys for children are non-toxic and CE approved.
·  Wash Rooms – These areas are sparkling clean and constantly supervised.
  1.  What do you do about safety and security?
 Most schools ignore these important areas whereas we pay TOP MOST attention.
·     There is 24/7 surveillance of the entire campus through close circuit cameras and regular monitoring through digital video recording.
·     There is 100% power back up.
·     The School building is completely earthquake and fire resistant.
·     Fire extinguishers, hydrant systems, and high powered smoke detention sensors from Honeywell-USA, have been installed.
·     The wiring used is smoke free to avoid suffocation in case of fire.
·     The staff has been trained for first aid and firefighting. The entire building is fitted with sensor controlled lighting based on lux level.
  1. How many students do you have per class?
· We maintain small teaching groups. We try to keep the student teacher ratio at 1:18. The maximum number of students in the class is never more than 25.
  1. How do you identify any weakness in a child and what do you do about it?
· The low student teacher ratio is our strength. We generally do not have any weak students as every child gets complete attention. But in case there is a weak child, it is very easy to identify his problem area and take corrective measures. The teacher gives such children additional time and attention and in case required, the child is referred to our Special Educator to help him/her overcome his/her weakness in a subject. If required, a SWOT analysis is conducted for each child.
· A SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a project or in a business venture.
17.  What counseling facilities are provided in the School?
 The School provides three types of counseling:
· Student Counseling- We have highly experienced and qualified counselors to guide students on various issues. They deal with the social, emotional and academic lives of each student in the school. As and when required, the counselor interacts with the parents to help them understand their child’s problems better.
· Career Counseling – We have collaborated with experienced and renowned counselling agencies to provide personalized career counselling to senior students. This helps them to choose a better stream and profession for themselves according to their interests and aptitude.
· Special Educational Needs – Our S.E.N department deals with the children having special needs and requirements. We are the only School in town to provide this facility.
18. Do you have any sports facilities to offer personalized training to children?
·  Apart from the regular sports faculty we have special visiting faculty coming to School regularly to give the children personalized and formal training in the sport of their choice. A child can choose the game he or she likes to play and also has the option of making a change after the mid-term examinations. Apart from a humongous playground, the School has a Splash pool, a professionally designed Tennis courts and a putting Golf course. Our Swimming pool project is in the pipeline.
19. What is ‘ADF’?
· ADF pertains to the Annual Development Fund. This is used to improve and expand the infrastructure of the School thereby bringing to our children, the best facilities and technology.
20. Do you serve food? If so, is it vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
· Yes we have an in house kitchen that serves nutritious food to our children. We serve dietician approved vegetarian food only. We try to serve Mexican, Indian, Continental and Chinese menus for lunch.
21. How do you ensure the quality of food?
· Since we have an in-house kitchen, it is very easy to ensure high standards of cleanliness and give the best quality food to children. The Dining Hall coordinator makes regular visits to the kitchen to ensure cleanliness. We involve our Prefects for menu choices. Our teachers also dine in the School mess and provide regular feedback.
·  The food is prepared by qualified Chefs.
·  The F & B Staff goes through periodical medical checkup.
·  The food prepared is dietician approved vegetarian food, meeting complete standards of nutrition.
22. Do you have transport facility?
· Yes, we have transport facility. Our well maintained buses also go up to Phagwara, Hoshiarpur, Adampur, Kartarpur and Nakodar.
· Complete details regarding various routes can be obtained from the Transport Office.
23. How do you pick up children i.e. from their house or any common point?
· The children are picked up from a common point, close to the residence of the child.
24. How do you ensure safety of the children in the School buses?
· The children are escorted by the male conductor and a female support staff in the bus. Since teachers also use the bus service, they ensure discipline with the help of senior students.
· Attendance is taken on a daily basis.
25. What is Aloha?
· Aloha is Abacus learning of higher Arithmetic.
26. Do you have affiliation with Aloha?
· Aloha works on the franchise network. We are the franchisees of Aloha in Jalandhar. We take classes for our students and also any other student interested.
27.  What is the duration of the Aloha programme?
· For Aloha, there are different levels of competence. One level ideally takes 3 months. But an intelligent child can also complete it in 2 months. If there is a weak child who is unable to complete the programme in three months, we give him extra time at no extra cost.
28.  Do you have hostel facilities?
· Currently, we do not have hostel facilities.
29. What are the streams offered after Class X and what are the subject choices in each stream?
            The School offers 4 major Streams.
·  Medical - Physics , Chemistry , Biology, English , optional subject
   Non-medical - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, optional subject
   Commerce - Economics, Accounts, Business Studies, English, optional subject
   Humanities - English, History, Political Science, Economics, optional subject
· Students can choose from a wide variety of optional subjects like Punjabi, Music – Instrumental, Music – Vocal, Painting, Home Science, Psychology, Informatics Practices and Physical Education.
· Vocational Subjects - Our School is the first School in the town to offer CBSE vocational courses like Food & Beverage Services, Bakery & Confectionary and Travel & Tourism.
30. What is ‘Creya’?
· The School has introduced ‘Creya’ classes from the session 2015-16. Our ‘Creya’ Studio, combining Design and Technology is a creative programme based on the concepts of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). It aims to develop the skills of analytical reasoning and logical thinking in the learners of the 21st century.
31.  How do you apply a 360 degree curriculum?
· Our School aims at the overall development of each child in every field, be it academics, sports or extracurricular activities. Our curriculum is updated and upgraded taking into account the changing needs of the times.
32.  Does the School incorporate inclusive education?
· Yes, the School promotes inclusive education. Our S.E.N. (Special Educational Needs) department works for the needs and requirements of children with special educational needs. A lot of personal and individualized attention is given to each of these students. The CBSE Board promotes inclusive education and we take pride in being the first school in the town to give so much structural attention to these children. Ours is a ‘No Child Left Out’ policy.
33.  How does the School deal with problems faced by adolescents?
· Our counseling cell deals with the problems faced by students in their growing years. There are individual as well as group sessions. There are special workshops for parents too. The School regularly organizes seminars and workshops based on sex-education for various age groups.
34.  What is done to achieve parent School collaboration?
· Regular PTM’s are arranged for the students of all classes. The third Saturday of every month is especially observed as the day for Parent Teacher Meetings, after regular school hours.
· The School organizes Coffee & Conversation mornings for various classes regularly to obtain parent feedback, deal with their queries and work in communion with the parents to attain complete development for their wards. This also gives the parents a chance to understand any changes in the curriculum and examination patterns.
· Parents are invited to conduct workshops in the School. This takes our scheme of Parent-School collaboration to a completely new level.
35.  How does the School incorporate digital learning in the teaching learning process?
· Technology is reshaping our educational system. Chrome books, laptops and tablets are the new educational essentials. Since we are dealing with the ‘millennium generation’, our aim is to make them full-fledged digital natives.
·  We have highly equipped computer / laptop labs for staff and students. The number of computer terminals enables the students to use them on a one to one basis. Our ‘Creya’ program enables the students to use tablets and has given a new dimension to teaching learning process by way of design and technology. We are continuously upgrading our infrastructure and teaching learning systems, enabling all our students to become ‘smart’ learners of the 21st century.
36.  Do you take students out for excursions?
· Yes, our students are taken to various educational tours both within the country and abroad. Our students have recently been to the United States of America, where they participated in N.A.S.A workshops. Students have also visited the United Kingdom and experienced hands-on learning in many spheres. We also organize trips to nearby locations, for all classes.
37. Where do the parents deposit School Fee?  
      · The parents deposit the fee, on a quarterly basis, in the Accounts Office. The Accounts               office is located in the Administrative Block of the School.