'CHABEEL' at Mayor World School (6th Jun,2017)

 Keeping up with the traditions, the students and teachers of Mayor World School, Jalandhar, organised a camp to distribute sweetened cold water in front of the School gate on the morning of June 6, 2017 to commemorate the martyrdom of Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji. It was a memorable day as everyone was enthusiastic and it was done with a lot of fervor at the School campus.

It was an occasion for the students to understand their duty towards the society. They understood the great power of giving and helping others during the scorching weather conditions as the mercury rose to 47 degrees.

The camp got off to a start with the preparations and giving away the first glass of sweetened water to a rickshaw puller. Thereafter, there was a spate of thirsty people, all kinds of vendor’s drivers of different motor vehicles, and the skilled hosts generously quenched away their thirst. The exuberant students mesmerized the city people with their excellent service to the community. The defining moments of the camp were the way the city folk showered blessings with love and affection. Above all the gratitude showed by the people was what touched the students’ hearts.

The Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Neerza Mayor along with the Principal, Mr. J.S. Hundal, encouraged, motivated and wished all the students to give back to their society as much as they gain from it.