Annual Cultural Show 'The Arabian Nights' ( 09 March 2016 )




Mayor Galaxy, the pre-primary wing of Mayor World School, showcased ‘Arabian Nights’ as a part of its Annual celebrations, on 9 March 2016. The entire show was a theatrical narration of the celebrated story of ‘Alladin and the Magic Lamp’.


The entire ambiance was decorated according to the theme and the parents were taken into the world of short stories for children. The programme began with the ’lighting of the lamp’ ceremony by respected School Chairman , Mr. Rajesh Mayor and Vice Chairperson Mrs. Neerza Mayor. This was followed by the prayer dance, ‘Khwaja mere Khwaja’ and the depiction of the story teller ‘Potli Baba ki’.


The little ones took their parents into reminiscence of the 90’s, where they had grown up watching these shows on ‘Doordarshan’. There was absolute cohesion in the entire sequence of events depicted on stage as the ‘Baba’, chose to narrate the story of ‘Alladin and the Magic lamp’. 


The narration of the story was an amalgamation of various Arabic dances on songs like ‘ Mein Albeli ‘,’Didi’ etc. The children looked stunning, dressed up in harems and other glittery attire. The dance of the ‘Genies’ was thoroughly enjoyed by the parents. Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s ride on the Magical Carpet left everyone spell bound and they were amazed at the remarkable stage settings and transitional backdrops. The ‘liberation of the Genie’ dance on ‘Atrangi Yarriaan’, gave the message -no slavery and friendship for life. The programme culminated on the note of helping others and understanding that both friendship and love are all about letting go.


The parents were proud of their little ones and appreciated the School’s effort of training them exquisitely.



Photo Gallery for Annual Cultural Show 'The Arabian Nights'