Annual Exhibition 'De Blaze- Beyond Books' ( 23 January 2016 )

 Mayor World School organised its annual exhibition 'De Blaze- Beyond Books' on 23 January 2016. The exhibition was an extravagant display of the creativity and scientific skills of the Mayorites. The classes were allotted all the letters from the English Alphabet and the students used them as a cue to develop explicit, still and working models displaying a variety of subjects including Literature , Science, Geography ,Fine arts , History, Economics, Mathematics etc. The models, paintings and artefacts , generously splashed around at various venues on the School premises, brought out the talent and handiwork of our intellectual and dexterous students.Some of the prototypes included the famous Lotus temple, Chateau de France, Mickey Mouse club house , Rain water harvesting etc. Mayor Galaxy recreated its own beach, Aqua and Astro world which was also a wonderful idea.The students not only got a chance to show case their talent but also learnt team work and social skills. The appreciation from the Parents and guests made the event a huge success.


Photo Gallery For Annual Exhibition 'De Blaze - Beyond Books'