Inter School art Competition (7th Nov '14)


 Decennial Celebrations in Mayor World School


Celebrating glorious 10 years of “Inspiring Excellence”, Mayor World School organized and invited the reputed schools of Jalandhar for the Inter School Art Competition in its school premises. Students of 12 schools from Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur displayed a magnificent show in four categories of Slogan writing, Flower arrangement, Painting competition and Poster making competitions.

‘Celebrations’ was the theme provided for Slogan Writing and Flower arrangement competitions. Participants exhilarated the audience with their meaningful thoughts and clear concepts using good colour contrast to write a slogan.Two participants from each school participated in Flower arrangement. Balancing of colours and proportions of different flowers in the harmonious arrangement mesmerized the judges.

‘Around the World’ was the theme for Poster making and Painting Competitions. The whole atmosphere was brimmed with creativity by the show being put up by the participants in bringing out their ideas on paper through colours. Abundance of talent was being exhibited.

The school had invited the dignitaries belonging to the city on this occassion. Dr. Bharat Bhushan, Dr.  Aggarwal, Dr Shruti Arora. Mrs.AShwani Sharma, Mr. Harnarinder Bhatt and Mrs. Gurjan Kaur presided over the occasion as judges to the show.

Director of the school Mrs. Jyoti Nagranee highly appreciated the talent shown by the participants. She had all the praise for the zeal and enthusiasm shown by the participants in making this gala event a great success.

 Lala Jagat Narain, Police DAV and Eklavya won the first, second and third positions in Slogan Writing.

 Police DAV,GEM,s Cambridge, and DIPS Hariana won the first, second and third positions in Flower arrangement.

Lala Jagat Naraian, DIPS Suranasi and DIPS Galzian grabbed first, second and third positions in Poster making.

Sanskirti 1 KMV and Lala Jagat Naraain bagged first and second positions respectively in Painting Competitions.

The Principal, Mr J S Hundal congratulated the winners and awarded them with the merit certificate. He thanked the schools for their participation and appreciated the participants for their creativity that was the amalgamation of knowledge, entertainment and competitive spirit. He stressed that inter school competitions provide a healthy platform to the children to interact with one another and exchange their skills and trades. They help to build child’s personality. 

The whole event was indeed a wonderful idea of celebrating the tenth year of an educational institute.