Basant Panchmi Celebrations (22nd January 2018)


To welcome the onset of spring season and the veneration of Goddess Saraswati, the symbol of knowledge and wisdom, Basant Panchmi was celebrated at Mayor World School.


The ‘Havan’ ceremony was performed in the school premises to seek grace and blessing of Almighty God for the students appearing for class Xth and XIIth board examination and for the entire school.


The whole school was assembled to take part in the auspicious ‘Havan Ceremony’. It was performed religiously under the divine fervor and spirituality and the students joined in offering their prayers to the Almighty God for the well being of school and for their best result, which in turn will prove beneficial to the students in their wholesome developments. After that the flowers were showered all over the gathering to make the atmosphere very sacred and pure.


The Vice Chairperson Ms. Neerza Mayor, Senior Deputy Heads Mr Sumit Puri, Ms Harpreet Bajwa and Head Mistress of Mayor Galaxy Ms. Charu were present and blessed the students.

The occasion was concluded with ‘Ardaas’ and the ‘Prasad’.