BEING HUMAN....( 20 Jan 2016 )


Charity is a medium through which the mercy of the Almighty passes on to the mankind.

The Mayorites from the Spreading Smiles Club  visited the  Mother Teresa Home for Orphans on the day of Lohri i.e. 13th January, to celebrate the festival in its true spirits.

Seeing the adverse weather conditions, warm fleece jackets were distributed in accompaniment of eatables like biscuits, chocolates n juices to 50 children with special needs. The Vice Chairperson Mrs. Neerza Mayor also accompanied the students for this noble cause.The incharge of the orphanage briefed the students about the hardships faced by these children, their requirements and the efforts made by the institution to take care of them.

The Mayorites returned with a heart full of empathy and humanity,  and pledged to help the underprivileged  wholeheartedly.

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