Best out of waste competition at Mayor World School ( 7th May'16 )


Mayor Galaxy, the preprimary wing of Mayor World School, organized a very innovative and interesting activity for the mums and children of K.G II on May 7, 2016. The Best Out Of Waste Competition not only aimed at encouraging the children to understand the importance of recycling and conserving the natural resources but also helping increase the camaraderie between the mothers and children. Participating with their mothers in the School campus is a matter of immense pride and joy for the children. The mothers also got a chance to interact with their child’s peers and their mothers helping in a healthy exchange of ideas.

The competition began at 10 a.m. and many mothers along with their children came equipped with second hand articles, ice cream sticks, empty match boxes, food cartons, egg trays, cans and many more. They were full of zeal and excitement and got down to preparing wonderful and amazing things out of the waste they had got along. The surprising outcomes included useful items like organizers, pencil stands, planters, night lamps, wall hangings, picture frames, decorative pieces , flower vase, book jackets etc.

Our Principal Mr. J. S. Hundal presided over the event along with Mayor Galaxy Headmistress Ms. Charu Trehan. The Judges had a very tough time in deciding the winners. The First Prize was bagged by the Mother-daughter duo Ms.Randeep Mand and Ibadat, while Ms.Sumati Khanna, mother of Yuvraj secured the I runners up position. Ms. Shruti, mother of Vedant grabbed II runners up position. A consolation prize was given to Ms. Neha, mother of Saeema.