Career Counseling Grade XII (4th October 2018)


“If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” Marc Anthony


Loving what you do brings contentment but doing what you love makes you successful and happy. 


To help the 12th graders of Mayor World School choose the right career, Mr. Abhinandan, a career counselor from B.M.L. Munjal University addressed the students on the importance of right career choices.

The  guest speaker emphasised that the while choosing a career, students should keep in mind their choices, preferences and inclination.


The decisions tend to be wrong when they are influenced by peer or parents.


The students were informed about various courses available at the university level and their career possibilities. Certain books were recommended for the students to help them make their choices. The students were informed about various networking sites which can help them sail through the difficulties of career choices.


The Vice Chairperson Ms.Neerza Mayor and the Principal Ms. Suman Rana acknowledged that right guidance about the career options at this stage is of vital importance as to be happy and contented one should do what he loves.


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