Chess Championship ( 14 and 15 May'16 )

Tournaments encourage the students and also help them ascertain their own skills. They also help the students to bring out the best in themselves and strive for the better. The surprising outcomes which are a result of the sweat of their brow instill in them self-confidence and pride.


Jalandhar District Chess Championship, organized by Jalandhar Chess Association was held at Mayor World School on 14th and 15th May, 2016. The Championship was be divided into three categories namely Under-9, Under-15 and Under-25. The residents of Jalandhar District under the above mentioned age categories participated in the tournament. There were separate tournaments for boys and girls. The entire Tournament was governed as per the latest FIDE laws of Chess. The Tournament was presided over by the School Vice Chairperson Mrs. Neerza Mayor and Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal who were constantly present to motivate the participants who had come from all over the city and outside. 


Mayor World School not only provided the venue for this prestigious tournaments but also undertook all the cumbersome responsibilities right that from registering the students to providing the supplies and presenting the awards. It was also comfortable haven for these players who could think patiently and make the winning moves.


The Mayorites made their presence marked by winning the following titles.

  1.  Vidit Jain (III C) bagged II position  in under-9 category.
  2.  Divyam Puri (III A) clinched  III position in under -9 category.
  3.  Sanchi Gupta  (IX C) won II position in under -25 category.
  4.  Tanvi Mahendru  (IX C) grabbed III Position in under -25 category.