Mayor World School organized ‘The Christmas Carnival’ on 24 December 2015, to mark the festive spirit o f Christmas. The Carnival began at 11a.m.The stalls were set and decorated beautifully to welcome the guests.
The ostentatious extravaganza included around 30 stalls including the Pyramids, Beat the Buzzer, Stair Way to Heaven, Catapult, Chocolate Wheel , Rolling the dice, Behind the bars, Connoisseur , Sharp shooterz etc. All the game stalls were managed by the students under the supervision of their teachers. Behind the Bars game was a new concept and the children were filled with excitement to get their friends and teachers imprisoned and later bailed. The main attraction was the live Tambola where attractive gifts were won by the participants. Besides the games, there were two Jackpots and lucky draws in which people won gifts from the sponsors. A special stall was put up by the Mayor Group , exhibiting their range of ‘Foxx Seven Shoes’.


There were various food and drink stalls, to appease the hunger and quench the thirst of the guests, namely Sunny side up, Dominos, Chowpati, Hot coffee, Muffins and Cakes etc. serving the tongue-tickling scrumptious food. There was another lucky draw exclusively for the people who were wearing red, green and white dresses. Karaoke was the hot favorite of the youngsters as they dedicated songs to their friends. Many musical games were also organized by the students at the Karaoke Stall. A play area was also created for the children where various kinds of swings were installed namely Giant Wheel, Mickey Mouse etc.


The Chairman Mr. Rajesh Mayor, Vice Chairperson Mrs. Neerza Mayor, Director Mrs. Jyoti Nagranee and Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal were present at the Carnival. The efforts made by the children were appreciated by the Vice Chairperson, under whose charismatic guidance and ideas the school could put up a great show. The Principal said that the Carnival was not only meant to promote the organizational and management skills among students but was only a means to provide fun and relaxation to them after a long period of exams and programs.


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