Cooking Without Fire Competition Grades III-V (13th Dec 2017)


‘A sound health is the product of healthy cooking.’


To make the students aware of this fact and to experience the self management and culinary skills Mayor World School organised a Cooking Without Fire Competition in the school premises for Grades III– V on 13th December 2017.


Cooking enthusiasts went all out to serve a big spread of dishes at the competition. Participants had to prepare dishes without using any source of heat or prepared ingredients. There were four teams. Every team had four participants. They all had different themes like 3 World Famous cuisines, Divine, Camping and Ludo.


It was a wonderful experience for the children to identify and promote their exceptional talent in different ways. The competition was an amalgamation of knowledge and entertainment that helped the children to perceive the importance of conserving energy.


Children dressed in colourful aprons and chef caps participated with confidence and spoke to the judges regarding the various health benefits of the dishes prepared by them.