Creya- A 21st Century Initiative

Mayor World equips itself with

Creya- an innovative educational program focusing on equipping children with skills, literacies, competencies and the attitude needed to thrive in  the dynamic world of 21 century.

Creya is pioneer of 'Studio Based Learning ' model where a trained teacher facilitates students to solve  life problems.

Students c are provided with authentic projects, constructing  knowledge , helping children learn it experientially.

The Creya studio is anchored by 21st century curriculum developing  the skills like leadership,  spontaneity,  team work, communication,  analytical, management, fluency, etc.

The Creya Learning programme draws upon the best tools, strategies and pedagogies. This includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Robotics) Education, Experiential Learning and Design Thinking.

Presently Grade III-V are  undertaking Creya classes in the current academic year. The School intends to introduce Creya for other classes too.