Creya Showcase - An Extravaganza of Creativity ( 18th Feb 2017

Experiential Learning means learning through experience. The students from Grade III-VI displayed their Creativity, Analytical Skills, Problem Solving ability, Innovation and exploring traits throught 21st Century Learning System-CREYA

In its coup of inspiring children to do their best, a CREYA Showcase- The Extravaganza of Creativity  was organized in the School on February 18, 2017 , that was open for the parents too.

The students built various models, applying their analytical and logical abilities and using Creya constructible. Some of the models were based on Simple Machines i.e. lever, pulley, wheel-axle, inclined planes leading to the outcome in the form of cart-launcher, trebuchet, ladder, bicycle, nutcracker, doorknob, bullock cart, pulley lifter, see-saw, etc.

The usage of gears led to the configuration of wind mills, fish scales, carnival rides,  egg beater, crane, cars, etc.

The analytical ability and logical programming skills were defined by the Robotic Security Device, Obstacle Sensing Robots and Industrial Robots, etc.

A vast model of Smart City was designed with building blocks and engineering material defining the components of a Smart City that can provide a safe, comfortable and hassle free life to its natives.

The parents were amazed to witness the astounding ability of the young brains. They highly appreciated the efforts of the school to bring out the best in the students

The Vice Chairperson Ms. Neerza Mayor and the Principal Mr. J. S. Hundal acknowledged that the school has been running the CreyaProgramme  as a compulsory subject for Grades III-VI for the last two years. They said that children have brilliant minds, All they need is the wings. Creya has provided students a platform to bring life to their imaginations.