Demonstration by State Disaster Force (23rd Feb'17 )

 To aware the students about the disaster management a demonstrative showcase was organized by the school, in collaboration with State Disaster Research Force, Jalandhar under the guidance of Inspector Manoj and the team.

In an hour long display the students were made aware about handling various disasters – Natural and Manmade. They briefed the students about numerous Do’s and Don’ts during an emergency. Like, in case of an earthquake or fire one should keep calm, move to safer place, avoid using lift, turn off gas connection, turn main switch off to avoid short circuiting.

During bomb blast or firing do not run but crawl and leave the place as soon as possible.

A flood situation can be survived by moving to a higher place. In an emergency, use empty bottles, cans, tree bark in an improvised manner. To stop bleeding caused by an injury, direct pressure, elevation, pressure point or tornigate techniques were demonstrated.

To assist a patient facing cardiac arrest, help him to be in a comfortable position, support psychologically, make him breath deep and cough , loosen clothes.

The three wings of SDRF-CSSR, MFR, Flood team, assist people, with their gadgets and equipments.