Diplomathon Conference at Cambridge International School (19th May 2018)

The Diplomathon Conference was held on 19th -20th may,2018 in Cambridge International School for Girls in Jalandhar. There were 15 Committees with 500 delegates from all over Punjab from different schools to discuss the real problems of the world in mock presentation. Students played as a role model representing different countries .34 Mayorites pariticipted in 11 Committees and bagged 19 prizes under various categories and brought laurels to the school. 

Heartiest congratulations to the winners, proud parents and Ms Babita.

1. Aishna Oberoi Xl-B
2. Eshani Mahajan X-C
3. Ahana Aggarwal Vlll-A

4. Purab Jain X-C
5. Roshni Bhatia Vlll-C
6. Gurasees Singh VIII-C
7. Gurshaan Singh Paintal VI-C

8. Ayushi XI-A
9. Tejasav Khurana lX-A
10. Vansh Goel IX- A
11. Srishty Bhatia IX-A
12. Chitaj Mayor Vlll-A
13.Phurman Sama VIII-C
14.Charanasses SinghVIIA
15. Ananya. VII-A
16. Gaurish Sablok. VII-B
17. Adeev. VII-B
18. Chinmay. Vll-C 
19.Malishka Aggarwal VI-C