Earth Day Celebrations ( 22nd April'16 )


Mayor World School celebrated The International Earth Day on 22nd April 2016, with a lot of vigor and excitement. The Mayorites were all geared up to embrace the event. A special assembly was conducted in the school where in the students were made aware about the pressing need and importance to conserve and protect our Mother Earth.

Special activities were organized in the school for the students which included paper bag making and hand printing. In an endeavor to enlighten the students, they were told about the importance of recycling and saving water and trees. The students were also told how important plants and trees are as they purify the air. It was thought provoking for everyone to learn about the significance of the Earth and how we have been taking it for granted. The students were asked to bring saplingswhich were planted after putting soil into the pots arranged by the School. The pots will later add to the campus beautification and landscaping. It was a wonderful effort to sensitize the children as they indulged into the practical pleasures of potting plants.