English Week Celebration ( 24th May to 27th May'16 )

Day 1 :  To celebrate English week various activities were organised for the students of Mayor Galaxy eg. English Poetry Recitation and Wordola for KG2,Letterola for Kg 1 and colour game for Pre Nursery and Nursey

Day 2: The English week celebration continues......It was a fun filled day in Mayor Galaxy as children enjoyed playing Just-a- minutes games like buliding a tower following verbal instructuons in English, letter searching games for KG1 and word pairing and letter pairing game for KG2. Children enjoyed playing all the games.

Day 3: Today Mayor Galaxy of Mayor World School witnessed students dressed up as their favourtie book character. It was a treat to see the enthusiasm of the students. Children were also made to speak few lines on the character. The Pre- primary block was looking very bright and colourful. We truely thank all the enthusiastic parents who made an effort to make this activity a huge success.


Day 4: Today was a day of story telling session.Children of Mayor Galaxy were told the story of the Mighty Lion and a tiny mouse. Puppet theatre was arranged for the session. The take away of the story was that even the smallest thing can be of help, we should always help the needy and we should always value our friendships.


The young Mayorites began the English Week with great zeal and enthusiasm. Many activities were organised for them during the week and the culmination of the week celebrated by showing them an English movie 'The Angry Birds' at PVR, Curo Heights. Children enjoyed the movie and it was a funfilled experience for them.