Mayor World School recognises that students of the 21st century need to acquire skills beyond academics to compete and thrive in school, college, career and LIFE. These skills build a strong foundation for their future.


The students of Grade V, recently participated in 90 minute Studio sessions, over four days to understand and learn how to go through the process of visualising, designing and making models which covered Design and Technology.


This learning programme, a new initiative in Mayor World School, covers STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Design Thinking, and Experiential Learning and drives outcomes relevant to the 21st century for children. It helps to transform the way children think and provides teachers great clarity and hand-holding to understand and take the programme forward.


The programme helped to deliver Thinking Skills, Digital Literacy Skills and Life Skills.


The students of Grade V, were introduced to the concept of experiential learning in phases.

Day 1 covered the ‘Boot Camp’ wherein the students were exposed to terminology and imagination. The next two days were ‘Project Making’ with well- designed constructibles in the Studio. On Day 4 they took up the ‘Challenge’ and worked unguided in teams of three students. Their work was then presented to the parents of the fifth graders, who were overwhelmed with their extempore presentations and designs.


Grade V students reported to having had a wonderful time and learnt many aspects of team-work and logical thinking. It was an engaging and enriching experience for them where they learnt to solve real world problems and challenges.

Way to go kids!