School is like a big chapter of your life in the beginning of a book, when you have finished that chapter the final and the best part begins.

An incredible and a brilliant evening was hosted and organised by Grade XI to bid farewell to the outgoing students of Grade XII at Mayor World School.

The Vice Chairperson Ms. Neerza Mayor, Deputy Heads and all the staff members were invited in this event.

The day was celebrated and devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments. The ceremony was started with the welcome of Grade XII students followed by some fun and frolic games to pep up the environment. An incredible dance and musical performances rocked the ambience.

The stage was set ablaze with the ramp walk by Grade XII. There was a question round and the shortlisted students answered remarkably
Different titles were awarded to different students. The title of Mr and Ms Best outfit went to Venika Bhandari and Rohan Bhaskar. Mr Talented and Ms Talented went to Raghav Kapoor and Saloni Bhatia. Rajat Sharma and Seerat were awarded as Mr and Ms Photogenic. Rajat Kumar was declared as Mr Graceful Gait and Pritha was declared as Ms Charming. Mr Handsome went to Rick Dhillon and Ms Beautiful Hair to Aarushi Chowdhry. Finally Sanya kaur was crowned as Ms Mayorite and Sidhant Sahota was declared as Mr Mayorite

Token of love were given to the students as their lifetime memory
The Vice Chairperson Ms Neerza Mayor wished good luck to the students of Grade XII and expressed her hope that they would keep holding the top positions in the future as well.