Grandparents Day at the Mayor World School (17th Dec '14) (Grades I-V)


The whole function revolved around the theme ‘Grandparents’ Day


Grandparents are our heritage and are essential members of our families and communities.  That is why a special day, Grandparents’ Day is set aside every year to honour them. Following the tradition to revere the relations of the social fabric, Mayor World School celebrated Grandparents’ Day on the eve of its Annual Day Function. The students of the grades I to V of Mayor World School celebrated Annual Function at the open theatre of the School with great pomp and show highlighting the theme “Grandparents’ Day” which aimed at conveying that the Grandparents are like beacons always guiding and directing the family to the right path by radiating values of love, care and compassion. This is a remarkable initiative taken by the School to invite the grandparents on the occasion of the cultural programme of their grandchildren.

S. Amarjit Singh Samra, Former Cabinet Minister, Punjab, was the Chief Guest of the day who was accompanied by the Guest of Honour Mr. Gurpreet Singh Kheira,(PCS) Chief Administrative (JDA) and Commissioner Corporation Jalandhar.

The function started with lamp lighting ceremony by the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour accompanied by the Chairman, Mr. Rajesh Mayor, CEO, Mrs. Neerza Mayor, Director,Ms.Jyoti Nagranee and Principal, Mr. J. S Hundal. They were all given floral welcome by school authorities. This was followed by the welcome speech. The grandparents’ song enthralled the audience. The spirited students of the Grade-I presented their talent by the dance named We are the World.  The audience was fully captivated by the spectacular performances of the students in Mime- a Grandfathers’ Day, Folk Fiesta and the Hindi Song. The enactment of the English play The Dear Departed presented by the Mayorites, ushered a critique on the peripheral relations and showy love between parents, siblings and children. The item titled Advertisement made the grandparents remember the ads of their yesteryears. The little Mayorites gave a delightful solace to the grandparents. Thanksgiving Song and Dance on the Retro Songs were the other key spotlights of the day.

Speechifying on the occasion the Chief Guest said “This is a praiseworthy step taken by the Mayor World School to honour the grandparents through the celebration of the Annual Day. The present programme suffuses a wave of love, affection, respect among students. Nowadays values are eroding day by day. I hope that the students will revive values and have the feelings of warmth and love towards their grandparents.”

 The primary wing Deputy Head Ms. Baljeet Kaur Aulakh extended the vote of thanks in which she expressed the sense of gratitude towards all the guests and the grandparents who spared their valuable time for the programme. In the end the students performed Bhangra and Giddha along with their grandparents.

Sharing the views, Mr. J.S Hundal Principal of Mayor World School said that the grandparents should never be overlooked in the families. We should give them the opportunities to be the part of our joys. We should construct such a structure of the society that there may not be any need of the old age homes. We should develop this feeling of respecting the grandparents among the students right from the beginning.

In the end of the programme all the invitees were served a delicious feast.