Inter House Ad-Mad Competition Grades VI-X (12th October 2018)



“What you say in advertising is equally important to how you say it.


Mayorites exhibited their innate talent and creativity through the Inter House Ad-Mad Competition, held for Grades VI-X, on October 12, 2018.


5-6 participants from all the four Houses participated enthusiastically and left the audience laughing in the aisles.


All the four Houses were given a theme to create a humorous, ironic or sarcastic advertisement, few minutes prior the competition.


The Keats House enacted upon- Online Shopping, Wordsworth House expressed their creativity on- Beauty Projects, Dickens House gave performance on-Electronic Devices whereas Shakespeare House presented their ideas on- Social Media.


All the Houses presented their ideas in a fashion that made audience laugh their heads off. The participants were judged in the bases of creativity, content, confidence, etc.

The Vice Chairperson Ms. Neerza Mayor and the Principal Ms. Suman Rana applauded the performances and announced the winners.


The First position was bagged by Wordsworth House, comprising Pahul Mand, Reet Arora, Bishop Malik, Harshita, Divyam Aggarwal and Adhiraj Gandhi.


The second and third positions were bagged by Shakespeare House and Keats House respectively.


The winners were conferred with certificates. The Vice Chairperson and the Principal acknowledged that such exposure and opportunities help in the holistic growth of children and brings their talent out.


Photo Gallery for Inter House Ad-Mad Competition