Inter House Cambridge Debate Competition Grades IX-XII (21st May 2018)


 “It is not he who gains the exact point in dispute or who scores most in controversy but he who has shown the better temper.”

The 21st of May marked one of the most significant activities at the House level in Mayor World School, The Inter House Cambridge Debate Competition for students of grade IX-XII. The first round was conducted on 11th May on the topic ‘Is Science A Threat To Humanity’. The participants from Wordsworth and Shakespeare house vehemently argued for the motion while participants from Dickens and Keats house were against the motion. Although all the four teams exhibited great oratorical skills but finally Keats House was declared winner followed by Wordsworth House. On the day of final round i.e. 21st May, the students of Keats and Wordsworth House put forth their views on the most prevalent topic ‘Is Legalisation of Euthanasia Justified’. It was produced as an impressive level of well-informed argument. The participants were all ready to convince the audience and the judges by using language as a weapon on both the days. They used various skills like overstatement, irony etc. The rebuttal session made the debate more interesting and entertaining. Eventually, Keats House was adjudged as the winning team.

 The judges for the day were Ms Rishampreet and Ms Mona Sandhir. They were also deeply engrossed in the session. They praised the participants and the school management for designing such innovative topics which are so socially relevant. When the minutest details of the speaker’s performance came into play, Lakshay Kalra of Keats House won the best speaker. The Vice Chairperson Ms. Neerza Mayor suggested the students to express themselves in a way so as to reach the pinnacle and motivated them by saying that their efforts and spirit can work like a magic in enhancing their performance ahead. Such kind of appreciation not only boosts the qualities of students but also help them to gather courage for taking up big challenges in life.