Inter House Dance Competition Grades III to V (15th May 2019)

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion”.

Dance is not only a wonderful way to express ourselves but also a fantastic form to train our mind, body and soul. With the aim of honing the dancing skills of the students, an Inter-House Group Dance competition for the Grades III to V was organised in Mayor World School on 14th May, 2019. The Competition commenced with each house presenting the Solo performances followed by Duet performances and the Group dances. The children from all the four Houses dressed in colourful costumes, enlivened the hearts of the audience with their confident steps, rhythm and expression.
In this neck to neck competition, they enthralled the audience with confident steps, rhythm and expressions. They danced to the rhythm and beats of music and captivated the audience with their vitality, life force and energy. 

In Solo dance, Keats House got the first position and the second position was bagged by Shakespeare House followed by Dickens and Wordsworth.
Under Duet category, Wordsworth House clinched the first position followed by Dickens, Shakespeare and Keats. 

In Group Dance, Keats House got the first position and second position was bagged by Dickens House followed by Wordsworth and Shakespeare. 

Suhaan Jain and Rajveer were declared as the best dancers among the boys and, Sehaj among the girls confiscated this award with her marvellous expressions. 

The competition was judged by Ms. Sweety Sidana, (H.O.D Dance, Police D.A.V School) and Ms. Manisha. The Vice Chairperson, Ms Neerza Mayor and the Director, Ms. Sarita Madhok congratulated all the students and teachers for their endeavours.  The joyous winners were awarded the certificates. The unflinching efforts of the Dn epartment of Dance and Music presented the melodious extravaganza.