Inter House English Debate Competition ( 22nd May 2017 )

 Life is all about celebrating   the differences and so is the debate. Keeping this spirit alive, Mayor World school, Jalandhar conducted  an Inter House debate on 22nd May,2017 between the winners of the first stage i.e. the Shakespeare House and the Wordsworth House. The topic for the Final debate was “Becoming permanent member in UN Security Council help India play a vital role in world peace”.The Wordsworth House argued for the motion and the Shakespeare House against the motion. Both the houses enthusiastically and whole heartedly participated in the debate. The highlight of the debate was the rebuttal round which was marked by witty repartees. Each House rose to the occasion to defend their argument.  The Wordsworth House comprising Adaa Saini, Pahul Mand , Reet Arora and Prarthana Magon  won the debate. Mr.J.S.Hundal ,Principal  Mayor World School lauded the efforts of the students  for their resplendent performance.