Inter House English Debate III-V ( 10 Oct'16 )

 “Great designs come from interaction, divergence, argument and debate”.


In keeping with the traditions of continuous and comprehensive growth of students, Inter-House competitions are always at the forefront of Co-Scholastic activities at Mayor World School, Jalandhar.


An inter-house English debate was held today in the school premises for grades III – V. Two participants from each of the four houses participated enthusiastically and exhibited their oratory skills. They put forth their views on the most prevalent topic of the times-‘Media is the leading cause of violence’. The students who spoke in favour of the topic stressed that we all are addicted to watching T.V. and movies. Violence is a major part of T.V. and movies. Whatever a person watches influence him. Youth gets attracted to violence as they imitate what they see. Media adds spice and imagination to the real story. The need of the hour is to make media and broadcasting companies responsible for what they telecast. Those who spoke against the motion stressed that it is a myth that media is responsible for causing violence. There are many others factors that lead to violence such as drug abuse, illiteracy, unemployment, racial discrimination etc. Violence existed in our society many years ago when there was no influence of media. Media is a boon for our generation as it united the world in beneficial ways.


Samaira Jain and Syna Aggarwal representing Wordsworth house were declared the winners, followed by Dickens house. Samaira Jain got the best speaker award.


Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal honoured the winning team and appreciated the participants for their commendable speeches. He shared his views that media is not responsible for violence in society. Though media was not active 10-15 years ago yet violence was there in our society. There had been violence in our society from ages. He added that media just highlights issues which we are not aware of. Media conducts research, find facts and have healthy discussions. It is upto us whether we indulge in violence or not.


 It was indeed an engaging, rewarding and emotionally enriching activity for the students.