Inter House English Extempore Competition Grade IX to XII ( 21 Oct'16 )


 Extempore is an impromptu speech that is delivered with little or no preparation. For the comprehensive development of the students .Mayor World School organized an Inter House Extempore Competition for classes IX to XII on 21st October 2016. The most important aspect of extempore is that it helps in the enhancement of communication skills.  The topics for the same were given 15 minutes before the competition commenced and children had to gather and articulate all the thoughts that came to their mind in an innovative way and presented them in a well -organized manner all within the span of two to three minutes. Each House was represented by one student.

The participants from Grades IX to XII put on their thinking hats and accepted the challenge to deliver impromptu speech. It was presided over by our Principal Mr. J.S Hundal .The competition was conducted under the keen guidance of the teachers and the observation of the judges who witnessed a wide spectrum of talent and awareness. The event provided the students an extensive platform to showcase their oratory skills. Each participant was adjudged on their content, fluency, expressions, voice modulation, accuracy of the languageand above all their confidence.

The students had a wide,versatile range of topics to choose from. .It was a delight to see the students tackle topics like Pakistani Actors in Indian Media, Pros and Cons of Modi Government, Politics without Corruption, Traffic and Flyovers. The objective of the competition was to provide wider opportunity to the students to expose their awareness and thoughts and bring out creative ideas. It was a neck and neck competition and the first position was awarded to Prableen Kaur of Keats House and the second position was bagged by Vansh Jain and Simran Preet of Shakespeare and Dickens House respectively. The judges appreciated the participantsfor their efforts. The Principal Mr. J.S Hundal was impressed by the spontaneity and the innovativeness exhibited by the students in expressing themselves. He boosted the students to be pro – active for further enhancement of their personalities in these kinds of events.