Inter House English Extempore Grades VI-VII ( 28 Oct'16 )

Maintaining the spirit of learning through myriad of school activities, an Inter House English Extempore was held in Mayor World School, Jalandhar on 28th October 2016.  The competition aimed to provide the children a platform, to speak their heart out and express their views fearlessly. Competition was organised for students of grades VI-VIII and one student from each of the four houses; Dickens, Keats, Shakespeare and Wordsworth participated with full zeal and confidence to put forth their views on the topics that were given, fifteen minutes prior to the competition. They had to show the creativity to present their thoughts in well organized manner in the time slot of 2-3 minutes.


All the topics were based on famous English proverbs related to everyday life and were well presented by the participants. The topics given to the children gave them ample scope for displaying their eloquence. The four topics were; 1) What’s in a name. 2) The necessity is the mother of invention. 3) Empty vessel makes most noise. 4) Better late than never.