Inter House Mathematics Quiz Competition Grades III to V ( 22 Aug'16 )

An Inter House Mathematics Quiz was organized at Mayor World School on 22 August 2016. The students of Grades III to V representing Dickens, Keats, Shakespeare and Wordsworth house participated in the competition and displayed their intelligence and power to rationalize numbers. The main objective of the quiz was to test the Mathematical brilliance of the students and widen the panorama of their mental horizon. There were various rounds which covered a variety of questions based on general mathematics, visual perception, arithmetic ability and brain teasers. In between all rounds, there were interesting and fun filled questions for the audience. The main focus was to make the children stronger in logical Mathematical intelligence enhancing their reasoning, recognizing patterns and logically analyzing the problems. All students were eager to show their mettle and participated with full zeal.


As customary to every competition, the results were compiled and the winners were declared. The contest was won by the students Ajit Singh (Grade V), Tavish (Grade V), Aanya Mehra (Grade IV) and Roohan (Grade III) from Dickens House. They were closely followed by the contenders from Wordsworth House ,Keats and Shakespeare House respectively.