Inter House Mathematics Quiz Grades III-V (29th Aug 2017)



 Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms:

it is about ‘UNDERSTANDING’.



Quiz competitions provide the students with an opportunity to be able to apply their knowledge in a fun filled, challenging and a competitive way. An Inter House Mathematics Quiz for Grades III to V was held at Mayor World School on 29th August, 2017.


All the teams participated enthusiastically. Each team had four participants who proved their skill in the brain drill. There were five rounds including logical/ reasoning, mental ability, general question answer and rapid fire round.


The team comprising of Gunraj Singh Jolly, Shauryaveer Singh, Aarish Aggarwal and Arshbir Singh representing Keats House scored the maximum points and were declared the winners followed by Shakespeare House.


The participants displayed a commendable level of awareness and knowledge. They gave each other a tough fight for the top honours.


The Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal congratulated the teachers and students for conducting such a fabulous competition and said that such competitions sharpen the mental abilities and bring out the best in the students. He encouraged the children to come forward and participate whole heartedly. The session was indeed a wonderful platform for the students and the audience.