Inter House Music Competition Grade VI to X (4th Aug 2018)


 “Great singers are not because of their technique; they are because of their passion”


Keeping up with the traditions of continuous and comprehensive growth of children Inter House Competitions have always been at the forefront of Co-Scholastic activities at Mayor World School, Jalandhar.


An Inter-House Music Competition was held today, I.e. 4th  August,2018 in the school premises for grade VI-X, with the aim of honing the musical skills of the students.The participants from  each House- Dickens, Keats,Shakespeare and Wordsworth participated enthusiastically and exhibited their talent. They mesmerised everyone present there with their energetic performances. The competitors gave out a variety of songs and their melodious voices made the audience sway to their tunes.


The occasion was graced over by our worthy and respected Vice Chairperson Mrs. Neerza Mayor .The judges of the competition were Mr.Subash Duggal and Mr. Edwin.


The Principal Mrs.Suman Rana honoured the winning team and appreciated the enthusiastic participation of the four Houses. She stressed that a tremendous effort had been put in by the Music Department and the students. 


The winners of the competitions are as follows:


In Western Group Song category Dickens bagged the first prize, the second was won by Keats and the third prize went to Wordsworth house.


In Duet Orchestra category Wordsworth walked away with the first prize, Shakespeare with the second and Keats with the third.


In the Classical Instrumental category Shakespeare bought laurels by winning the first prize, Wordsworth acclaimed the second and Keats the third prize.


Indeed it was an engaging, rewarding, mind expanding and emotionally enriching activity for the students.Music was in the air throughout the performance, it was fascinating to witness all the four Houses put up quite a magnificent performance and each one was outstanding.


Photo Gallery for Inter House Music Competition