Inter House Rangoli Competition Grade VI to VIII (1st November 2018)


Indian festivals are the occasions for great joy and celebration. To usher the fervour of Diwali – the festival of lights and colours, Mayor World School expressed   cultural mannerism and hospitality by organising an interhouse  Rangoli competition for Grades VI-VIII on November1,2018.


Keeping in mind this traditional art and to encourage it, the participants of the four houses created exotic designs for the theme ‘Geometrical Shapes’. They expressed through their art the beautiful way to fill colours in the lives of others. The participants used mirrors, flower petals,coloured rice, earthen lamps, and floating candles. The creative expression of art through colours was a feast to the eyes.


The energy level and the excitement of the participants was over-whelming, and it also turned out to be a herculean task for the judges too. However Wordsworth House, represented by Ruhaan of VII-C and Rubaab of VIII-C created an eye capturing design and bagged the first position. Keats House secured the second position, followed by Dickens and Shakespeare House respectively.


The Vice Chairperson, Ms.Neerza Mayor and the Principal, Ms.Suman Rana appreciated the participants for their tremendous potential and creativity. They announced the results and awarded the winners with the merit certificates. 


Photo Gallery for Inter House Rangoli Competition