Inter House Science Quiz Grades IX to XII (4th August 2017)

 “An intelligent mind is an inquiring mind”-Bruce Lee

To awaken joy in knowledge and develop the sense of search and inquiry among the students ,the Mayor World School organized an Inter House Science Quiz in the school premises on 4thAugust,2017.

The teams comprised of four participants from each of the four houses namely Dickens, Keats, Shakespeare and Wordsworth. The format of the quiz entailed six rounds. There was a Question-Answer round, Guess the Tool round, Visual round, Buzzer round, Expand the Abbreviation round and Rapid Fire round.

All the four teams exhibited their resplendent potential with great zeal and zest .The audience were also asked plethora of questions which made the event more interesting and interactive.

Dickens House Comprising  Siya, Aneet, Gunangad and Bhrigu stood First followed by Keats House comprising Yashaswin, Rajat, Gunal and Tarush .The judges appreciated the participants for their efforts.The Principal,Mr. J.S.Hundal congratulated the winners and boosted the confidence of all the students with his words of encouragement.