International Earth Day (21st April 2017)

Mayor World School celebrated The International Earth day on 21 April 2017, with a lot of vigor and excitement. The Mayorites were all geared up to embrace the event. A special assembly was conducted for the entire school where in the students were made aware about the pressing need and importance to conserve and protect our Mother Earth.

The tiny tots from Mayor Galaxy gave wings to their imagination in a colouring competition. They strolled and took a breath of fresh air during nature walk. The little hands took the pleasure of planting saplings in the school garden to mark the occasion.

The students from grades I to V participated in the slogan writing competition to express their concern for the Mother Earth. The senior students were asked to bring saplings which were planted into the pots arranged by the school. These pots will later add to the campus beautification and landscaping. It was a wonderful effort to sensitize the children as they indulged into the practical pleasures of potting plants.


The school Principal, Mr. Hundal appreciated the efforts of the students and admired the mass participation offered by them. He strongly suggested that conserving the Planet should not be confined to one day but should be a way of life. He mentioned that we should grow more and more trees to replace the lost ones.