International School Award 2018 - 2021 (13th August 2018)

 Mayor World School has always been a breathing epitome of excellence and perseverance. Adhering to its enterprising standard, the school under the auspices of its avant-garde Vice Chairperson, Ms. Neerza Mayor has won the much coveted International School Award (2018 - 2021). It also carries an accreditation that allows the school to use ISA logo for three years.


The ISA is a badge of honour for school for exhibiting outstanding work in international education so as to foster cultural understanding and skills among the youngsters which is at the heart of the British Council 's work with schools.

As a part of ISA action plan, during the session 2017-18, the school under the direction of ISA coordinator, Mr. Harpreet Singh planned and executed seven different projects for the students, which were titled as Traditional Music Instruments (collaborative), Mask Dances of the World, Forest Path, Tourist Destinations of the World (collaborative), Smart Cities of the World, Hothouse Galaxy and Linguistic Diversity (collaborative). The three collaborative projects were accomplished in association with Montana International College, Lebanon. The inventively planned and finely executed activities encouraged the schools to create a rich learning experience and promote an international outlook through use of ICT, research techniques, creative pedagogical practices and real context for learning.


The students under the aegis of the coordinator and the teachers in-charge, dynamically and stringently engrossed themselves in all the activities and left no stone unturned for the favourable outcome. The Vice Chairperson, Ms. Neerza Mayor congratulated and commended the ISA team for their achievement and stated that the award stands as an acknowledgement of the international standard of education espoused in the school.


On the whole, the ISA peregrination has been an exquisite reminder of the certitude that the world of knowledge and education is without horizons and confines and it can never be marginalised.