Investiture Ceremony at Mayor World (3rd Oct 2019)

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sail.” --- John Maxwell

Investiture Ceremony, one of the formal occasions of the School where the newly elected members of  the esteemed  School Council are formally vested with their powers and positions.

Maintaining the tradition, Mayor World School earnestly appointed the Student Council members and delegated their duties, towards the progress of the School.
The Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2019-20, held on Thursday, 3rd October, 2019 was organised with all its grandeur in the School premises. The Chief Guest for the occasion, the Vice Chairperson, Ms. Neerza Mayor was cordially received by the Director, Ms. Sarita Madhok and Deputy Vice Principal, Ms. Charu Trehan and was given a grand reception by the School band.

The ceremony commenced with the School Song. The beginning of the solemn and prestigious investiture ceremony was marked by marching of the School Council with high degree of sincerity and discipline.

The Student Council listened to the  Director, Ms. Sarita Madhok’s motivational speech with pride and a sense of achievement surging in their hearts. She congratulated them and urged them to shoulder the responsibilities with clear conscience and setting the right attitude to work.

The Chief Guest administered Oath of Office to the student council and pinned badges. Cut from the same cloth, woven with strands of integrity, sincerity and honesty, the Student Council took the oath to live up to the expectation and work in sync with the mission of the School- ‘Inspiring Excellence’.  

Addressing the new leaders, the Chief Guest, Vice Chairperson, Ms. Neerza Mayor outlined the duties of the new office bearers. In keeping with a famous quote of John F. Kennedy “Leadership and learning are indispensable.” She apprised that investiture is not just a symbolic function of imparting an insignia but a reminder to carry the legacy and principles of alma mater.

The Student Council 2019-20 comprises-

Head Boy – Ribhav Chopra (XII)
Head Girl – Mehr Dandiwal  (XII)
Vice Head Girl – Pahul Mand  (XI)
Vice Head Boy – Gauransh Gulati (XI)  
President – Emma Vinayak  (X)
House Captain -     Harnoor Aneja (X)    
Vice House Captain – Mistie Dhillon   (X)
Prefect Discipline –
1. Abhiraj Singh (X)  
2. Madhav Gupta (X)  
3. Raghav Walia   (IX)
4. Ananya Mittal  (IX)
Prefect Activity –
1. Navya Gupta          (IX) 
2. Divyam Aggarwal  (IX)  
Sports Captain -  Opinderpreet Singh   (X)
Sports Vice Captain –Rubab Kaur (IX)
Prefect Environment – Atulya Malhan         (IX)
Prefect IT –            Jayant Jain             (X)
House Captain –   Kanav Asija      (X)
Vice House Captain –   Roshni Bhatia  (IX)
Prefect Discipline –
1. Areen Kaur           (IX)
2. Ekam Kaur Sidhu   (IX)
3. Aaliya Sabharwal   (IX)
4. Ashmin Kaur          (X)
Prefect Activity–
1. Samridhi Sondhi     (IX)
2. Sharan Vijan           (IX)
Sports Captain –     Gurbaaz singh (X)  
Sports Vice Captain – Phurman Sama  (IX)
Prefect Environment – Chitaj Mayor     (IX)
Prefect IT  –                  Soumil Bansal  (X)  



House Captain  –           Manya Jain   (X)
Vice House Captain – Karneet Kaur Bakshi   (X)
Prefect Discipline –
1. Arshdeep Singh Sembi   (X)
2. Tanish Prasher                 (X)
3. Noor Khurana                  (IX)
4. Parth Rana Shoor           (IX)
Prefect Activity–
1. Srishti Bhatia       (X)
2. Rushita Khanna   (IX)
Sports Captain –    Vansh Goel          (X)
Vice Sports Captain -Prabhnoor Singh Baweja   (X)
Prefect Environment –  Naveet Kaur  (IX)
Prefect IT –                Manjot Singh      (IX)
House Captain –     Naina Baweja    (X)
Vice House Captain – Aahana Aggarwal  (IX)
Prefect Discipline –
1. Gundeep Singh   (X)    
2. Gurjot Kaur          (IX)
3. Raghav Nishchal  (IX)    
4. Ishita Kapur          (IX)
Prefect Activity –
1. Khushi Aggarwal   (IX)  
2. Avani                     (IX)
Sports Captain –     Sahib Singh      (X)
Vice Sports Captain –Kashvi Aggarwal      (IX)  
Prefect Environment –Sidaqleen Kaur      (IX)
Prefect IT -          Suvan Gupta         (IX)
Photo Gallery for Investiture Ceremony