ISA Activity (20th Sep 2017)

Education plays a vital role to make this world a common place and turns its citizens into global citizens.


The Mayor World School, walking shoulder to shoulder to tread the path of globalization is acquainting its students with the poles apart culture of this world.


Attaining foundation certificate from British Council by conducting various activities was the first move towards this journey.


Heading forward, the School is proceeding with International school awards Programme of British council and will be conducting seven activities like Traditional Musical Instruments, Mask Dances of the world, Forest path or Concrete road- End of Flora and Fauna, Tourist destinations of the world, Smart Cities of the World, Hothouse Galaxy,  Linguistic Diversity, etc.


The students  conducted an extensive research work, prepared presentations, models, magazines, analytical  reports, scrapbooks, photographs, questionnaire, graphs, etc to present their work. Along with this an analysis was made regarding the learning outcome and skill development of the participants. Nearly 800 students participated actively in the activities,


The Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal conveyed that this programme  is another feather in the cap of the School. It has given an exposure to the students as well as  enriched  their experience and knowledge.