Janmashtami Utsav ( 23 Aug'16 )

The pious festival of Janamashtami was celebrated with great fervour. The students from grade K.G to V presented a show beautifully. It comprised of Bala-Avastha , Ras-leela, stealing butter and pyramid making. Their performance mesmerised the spectators. The students and teachers enjoyed the show.

An inter-house Geeta-saar competition was organised. Children from grade 6th to 10th participated. Each house had two participants. The children chanted the shlokas in a captivating manner. This competition was objected to convey message to the audience that we must imply the meaning of these shlokas in our lives. It conveyed the message of doing good karmas without wanting the returns.

The Vice Chairperson Mrs. Neerza Mayor and Principal Mr J.S.Hundal applauded the show. The Principal addressed the children about the greatness of Lord Krishna as a leader, protector, philosopher, teacher and friend. He acknowledged Geeta as a book with sublime thoughts and practical instructions.