Janmashtmi & Independence Day Celebration (11th Aug 2017)

Festivals add colours to our lives. And these colours are even more vibrant when they are added by the young children. The festivals of Janmshtmi and the Independence Day were celebrated with great enthusiasm.

The students presented various dances depicting the Krishna Leelas. The beautifully attired Gopis and Krishna mesmerized everyone present there. To mark the 70th Independence Day, various patriotic performances, which included musical parody, enchanting dances and poetry.

K.G.I and K.G. II from the Primary Wing presented the patriotic songs and presented dances depicting their love and gratitude for their country. The tiny tots from Nursery also presented captivated all the present.

The Vice Chair Person Ms. Neerza Mayor and The Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal attended the event and applauded the efforts and participation of the students and acknowledged that it’s important to keep the children attached to their roots by celebrating festivals.