Mayorites at CISMUN (7-9th Aug '15)


Mayorites set a benchmark in CISMUN by winning 8 prizes in a row, in different categories. MUN or Model United Nations is an extra curricular activity in which students participate as Delegates and represent various  countries in the  UNO and the UN committees. These MUN Delegates discuss the current issues and problems of the world and suggest solutions for them. CISMUN Conference  was held in Cambridge International School, Jalandhar from August 7-9, 2015.There were 38 Schools,14 Committees and 600 Delegates. 21 Delegates from the School  participated in 7 different committees. And it gives us immense pleasure to announce that  11 of them won prizes in 6 different  committees as follows :


SPECPOL(Special Political and Decolonization Committee)


Best Delegate
1- Baltaran Singh


Best Verbal Mention
1- Arjun Kalra


UNSC(United Nations Security Council)


Best Delegate
1- Vaibhav Gupta
2- Rangat Kaur


Best Mention
1- Govind Joshi
2- Harsh Arora


HRC(Human Rights Committee)


Best Verbal Mention
1- Pritha Trehan


IWC(Indian War Cabinet)


Best Mention
1- Soham Gulati


DISEC(Disarmament and International Security Council)


Best Verbal Mention
1- Saloni Bhatia
2- Prabhleen Makker


AIPPM(All India Political Party Meet)


Best Vice Chair
1- Shourya Shoor in EB(Executive Board)