Mayorites Proved their Mettle Grade X (3rd Jun, 2017)

“There are no speed limits on the road to excellence”. Mayorites proved it. Whoever they are or whatever they are doing, they have some kind of excellence within their reach. Now it is our time to showcase, how hard they have worked. Mayor World proudly announces the Grade-X meritorious result. Our laborious students have made us proud by scoring high with flying colours, under the aegis of sincere and dedicated educators.


The students have made not only their Alma-Mater proud but their parents too. The school attained 100% result in AISSE Grade X board examination 2016-17.


Out of 57 Students 12 got perfect 10 CGPA- Aneet Kaur, Gunangad Pal, Ayaan Jain, Ishita, Jatin Sikka, Nitya Bhalla, Ritvik Luthra, Agam Jolly, Gunal, Harsh Arora, Himani Garg, Nehmat.


18 Students got from 9 to 9.9 CGPA – Mehak Malhotra (9.8), Yaalisai (9.8), Jappanjot (9.8), Jappya Gupta (9.8), Nirlep (9.8), Rangat Kaur (9.8), Arshdeep (9.6), Prerna (9.6), Sparsh (9.6), Trinav (9.6), Aman (9.4), Karandeep (9.4), Khayatti Walia (9.4) , Arsh Khanna (9.2), Dhruv Arora (9.2) Pearl Banga (9), Kriti Kumar (9), Parthivi Gupta (9).


9 students got from 8 to 8.9 CGPA – Ravleen Kaur Bahia (8.8), Kartik Kalra (8.8), Mehul Tuli (8.8), Jatinder Pal Singh Monga (8.6), Bhavik Jain (8.2), Gurshan Singh Virk (8.2), Mehul Kalia (8), Jashanjit Singh (8), Jayati Monga (8).


On the whole 22% Students scored perfect 10 CGPA. 32% Students got 9 to 9.2 CGPA and 16% Students got 8 to 8.9 CGPA.


53% Students got above 9 CGPA and 69% got more than 8 CGPA.


The Mayor World Vice Chairperson Mrs. Neerza Mayor appreciated the Grade-X result 2016-17 and lauded the laborious hours put in by the students. She acknowledged the hard work and commitment of the Principal and the teaching staff of the institution.


Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal had anticipated such a brilliant result. He was all praise for the students and the staff. Right now for everyone at Mayor World School obviously it is a party time!