Mental Arithmetic Competition (5th August 2018)


‘Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms, it is about understanding.’


Mayorites took up another challenge and participated in the gripping Mental Arithmetic Competition, earning laurels of their hard work. The competition was organised by Ignited Brains on 5th August, 2018 at Ignited Brains Centre, Jalandhar. In all, 17 schools participated. A total of 1745 participants participated in the exhilarating competition.


The accolade receivers in Abacus category were:

Dhruv Gulati III-D (level 1) 1st position

Ahren Singh III-D ( level 1) 2nd position

Manya Mehta III -D ( level 2) 2nd position

Meir Singh V-D (level 1) 2nd position

Sakhi Gupta VII-C (level 1) 3rd position

Suvan Gupta VIII-C ( level 3) 2nd position

The wizards awarded in Visualisation category were:

Manya Mehta III -D ( level 2) 3rd position

Sahana Khanna IV-C (level-2) 1st position

Suvan Gupta VIII-C ( level 3) 3rd position

The prize winners in the Drawing Competition category were:

Ruhan Arora VII-C 3rd position

Krishna Gupta VII-B 2nd position

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners!!!!