MIGHTY MIND (19th April 2018)

Learning is a scientific process that requires the application of some techniques and strategies. A 45 minutes workshop by renowned Mighty Minds Team hailing from Andhra Pradesh comprising professionals from various spheres, made the students aware of various scientific aspects of learning. 

The Mayorites from grades VI to XII participated in the workshop on 19 April, 2018. They were given tips on how to improve concentration, learning skills, memory power etc. to perform better in academics. 

These new innovative techniques have been designed by the neuro scientists according to the psychology of the new generation.
The students were briefed about how a person should read to retain the maximum of the subject matter and make the learning a joyful experience. 

They also briefed the students about the basic working of mind, types of mind and how to feed information to mind. 

The vice chairperson Mrs Neerza Mayor specified that such workshops are a part of the curriculum and keep taking place throughout the year. They help students to excel in academics as well as in personal life.