MUN Mock Session (3rd Aug 2018)

With the aim to develop confidence in leading others and a stronger awareness of global issues, Model United Nations (MUN) was organised at Mayor World School on 3rd  August,2018. Mayor World School always tries to provide new platforms to the students for upgrading their skills in various fields and to help the students to become global citizens.


MUN is an educational simulation in which the students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. In the conference there were four committees- NIEO, Indian Cabinet, UNHRC and UNSC. Each committee comprised of ten to fifteen delegates. The NIEO committee dealt with ‘Asian Countries’ Contribution not to Make USA a hegemony’, Indian Cabinet dealt with ‘Government’s Effectively Introduced Schemes to Eradicate Acute Diseases’, UNHRC committee dealt with ‘Women’s Rights in Arabic Countries’ and UNSC committee dealt with ‘Eligibility to get Veto Power to Become Permanent Member’.


The delegates were well informed and had prepared all their points thoroughly. They presented their views very confidently in the group discussion. The session was quite informative and showed that the young minds were ignited with thoughts as they came up with creative solutions to various problems.


At the end of the MUN session, students were awarded four prizes. Bishop Malik of X D, Kashvi Jain of X A, Yashswin Anand of XI B and Pranav Goel of XI B were awarded the Best Delegate award. Pratham Jain  of X B, Sharon Suri of X A, Aayush Jain of XI B and Tarini Gupta of X B were awarded  High Commendation. Trinabh Jain  of X A, Phurman Sama of VIII C, Riddhi Jain of VII C and Navya Joshi of XI B were awarded Special Mention. Anish Malhotra of X D, Khushi Rajput of VII C, Manya Tiwari of VI A, Sarisha Arora of IX C, Mitansh Jain of  XI and Gurtek Khaira of XI B were awarded Verbal Mention.


Principal Ms. Suman Rana congratulated the participants and appreciated their efforts. She said that MUN has helped the students to learn not only researching, public speaking and debating but also critical thinking, team work and leadership abilities. She added that for the development and enhancement of these skills more MUN conferences will be frequently organised in the School.



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