Next Generation Foundation World (21st August 2018)


In continuation of the efforts of Mayor World School to upbring the society, uplift the deprived section and fulfill its commitment to the right of education to all, school bags, stationary material, mosquito coils and repellents were distributed to the children of the Next Generation Foundation School.


The children were briefed about the importance of personal hygiene as well as clean surrounding during the "Mosquito Prevention Campaign". Ms Jaismeen Doad, the Head of The Next Generation Foundation World School highly appreciated the efforts of the Mayorites to bring a smile on the young faces of NGF School.


The aim of NGF School is to provide education to girls and poor section of the society, to propagate and encourage education at all levels irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion.

The Mayorites pledged that they will continue such efforts and contribute to strengthen their beloved nation.


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