Poetry Recitation & Cooking Without Fire ( 4th May 2017 )

Reciting poetry is a freedom to express ideas, emotions, and feelings to the audience. It is a form of self expression with the creativity of words and emotions to convey a message.

With the objective of enhancing the aesthetic and public speaking skills, an Inter house poetry recitation   competition was organized for the students of classes VI to VIII in Mayor World School, Jalandhar on 4th May 2017. The students participated enthusiastically in the competition and recited the poems of their interest in a very impressive manner.

The students were judged on the basis of voice quality, intonation, confidence and expression.

Priyal Sood of Dickens house bagged the first position, Aahana Aggarwal of Keats house got the second and Ashwin Oberoi of Shakespeare house got the third position.

And To make the students aware of the conservation of energy and importance of nutritious food, an Inter house cooking without fire competition was organized in Mayor World School Jalandhar on 4th May, 2017. It was a challenging activity which enhances the creativity and the self-esteem of the students. It was not just making food but learning and experiencing healthy food choices while presenting a catchy, garnishing layout

The students of classes VII to VIII participated in the activity with enthusiasm and prepared mock tails, salads, sandwitches and deserts to display culinary skills. Different types of soft drinks had been experimented with fruits.

The cuisines were judged on the basis of creativity, presentation and taste. Dickens and Shakespeare houses bagged the first position and the second position went to Keats and Wordsworth house.

The efforts of the students were appreciated by the worthy Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal. He congratulated the participants for their wonderful performances and distributed the certificates.