Science Quiz (7th August '15) (Grades VI-VIII)

"An investment called 'Knowledge', always pays the best interest"
A quiz kind competition provides the students with an opportunity to be able to apply their knowledge in a fun filled, challenging and a competitive way. An Inter House Science Quiz for Grades VI-VIII was held on August 7, 2015. Participants from all the four Houses -Dickens,  Keats, Shakespeare and Wordsworth participated actively and proved their skill in the  brain drill. The  teams remained neck-to-neck throughout the competition, consisting of various rounds  giving their  opponents a tough time, in the competition  . Eventually,  the Keats House surpassed all the teams and emerged as a winner followed by the Dickens House.
The winning team comprised of:-
1. Davvrat Chadha(VIII C)
2. Nimish Mahajan (VI B)
3. Yashaswin Anand(VIIIA)